Veronica is quite simply a gift. I'm currently a student of hers and she has been an unbelievable guiding and protective force during a time when my psychic/empathic abilities have begun to intensify. Veronica not only has a lifetime of knowledge from her deep personal commitment to her own spiritual endeavours to offer you, she also offers her genuine regard. So please know, you are completely safe with Veronica no matter what service you need. And do not doubt Veronica's ability to work remotely, personally I can actually FEEL her work with my energy and it's incredible...... Just like she is! Thank you Veronica! xo


I have been mentored by Veronica for just under a year now. It has been a life changing experience born out of a chance reading. To explain what she does, can’t be done in just words.  I am so proud to call her my teacher guide, therapist and medium.  She has an intuitive skill to identify and nurture gifts already innate in you.  With a steady and gentle hand, she places the stones, removes the barriers and makes a pathway of understanding, in order for you to grow.  I look forward to her sessions weekly and highly encourage anyone looking to further enhance their spiritual journey and nurture their skills to work with her.


During a recently difficult period, Veronica has been a Godsend, a mentor, a teacher and an angel. Her life experience, coupled with a loving non-judgmental nature, has left me awestruck and completely inspired. There is not a person her work wouldn't suite.  Veronica has an array of psychic gifts that have developed since childhood and she uses them with integrity.  Her genuine interest in raising the vibration and supporting people to reach their full potential is a divine gift.  Recently, I found a note on one of my first readings that said "Today I am so happy to have met Veronica.  I think she will be a great teacher!"  It was the beginning of a blessed connection.


Veronica provides intelligent, intuitive, crystal clear guidance working with the highest energies – Angels and other ascended masters.  It is a wonderful, empowering experience.


In a time of great challenge and grief in my life, Veronica was a source of light and hope for me. I was somehow guided to contact her...and I felt immediately comfortable and safe in her  presence. She was able to answer my questions with clarity and she helped me in finding an inner courage that I had lost. Veronica utilised her gifts and strengths to guide me through my struggles. I saw Veronica as I felt I needed to, each time, I learnt more, understood more, released more and reconnected with myself more. Each visit was a positive experience. After each session, I knew I was on the road to recovery and healing. I am so thankful that Veronica helped me piece my world together. I would highly recommend her. She even looks like an angel!


Time with Veronica means clarity & certainty when things get too much & you feel overwhelmed. The guidance & insight she offers is a unique experience. She makes you feel safe & loved.


I met Veronica 3 years ago, at a time in my life where I was desperate for guidance and way out of a horrible situation. When I look back now, I thought it was a coincidence that I was guided to her, but I realise now there are no coincidences. Her compassion and gentleness shone as she guided me through a traumatic period and taught me how to navigate my way through life’s challenges in the future. Veronica has become a very dear friend, confidante, mentor and life coach. Her life skills, clairvoyance, spiritual and angel guidance etc are simply amazing and she delivers her information and teachings in a very clear but gentle way. My sessions with Veronica bring much relief and hope as I learn to understand the physical and spiritual worlds and how they interact. She has a lightness about her…I have always thought was an angel in disguise.

Thank you Veronica x


My husband and I have worked with Veronica for three years and she has been a truly incredible source of inspiration, provided amazing insights and a wonderful friend and mentor. During the past three years we have gone through an intense roller coaster of life with a young family, changing career and financial stress post the GFC. Veronica has provided us with amazing readings which helped us make the best decisions to move forward, provided us with great comfort and hope during the most stressful of circumstances and truly helped us realise why we were experiencing these challenges so we could learn the lesson and move past them. Veronica has a true gift – she has accurately predicted outcomes well before they happened and they have all come true. This really provided us with hope in the most challenging of circumstances and helped us get on with day to day life in the face of enormous stress and has given us the gift of acceptance. She has also conducted beautiful healings for us which have been amazing. 

Veronica has always been available to us whenever we have needed her and often at very short notice – she has been a friend and mentor and we couldn't have gotten through the last few years without her. Veronica is accurate, kind and insightful – during your session you know you are having a conversation with your angels and amazing things always follow.